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About Us

Welcome to Safe Vape, our e-cig / vaping shop is based in the heart of Hebburn, opposite TSB on ST Johns Precinct in the shopping centre. Located just off the A185, we're convenient for vapers living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, through to Gateshead, South Shields, Jarrow and Sunderland areas, as well as Hebburn! UPDATE: We now also trade online, so can provide great products UK wide!

With our Juicee-e-Juice range we have the tastiest, juiciest TPD compliant premium e-liquids on the market, and all lovingly made in West Yorkshire, UK. With a wide variety of delicious flavours, ranging from a number of tobaccos to all sorts of cakes and fruits!

We have equipment to cater for all needs whether you are a starter or a seasoned vaper, offering quality starter packs and kits, right through to a good range of the high end Mods and advanced kits, including Kanger Tech and Innokin. For the hardened vaper, we now offer sub Kangertech ohm coils and mechanical mods to power them! While offering competitive prices and superb value, all our equipment is made to the highest quality, from manufacturers with CE, ROHS quality and safety certification. Our batteries are guaranteed for a full 28 days. In addition to this, all our equipment (including electronic cigarettes and e liquid) comes with full product liability insurance, giving you piece of mind that we only use the very best quality products and suppliers. We are an authorised retailer of many of the top electronic cigarette brands such as Innokin, Aspire, Smok, Joyetech, TECC, and E Leaf. We only stock genuine and Authentic products sourced from either the manufacturers direct or the relevant licensed distributor..



The best part of visiting our shop, apart from being able to try our lush flavours before you buy at our Juice Bar flavour station, is the friendly and helpful advise our well trained staff can offer. We know it can seem daunting at first with the amount of e-cig / vaping equipment that is out there. Don't worry, we'll guide you through to the most suitable equipment for you and get you the best vape.

Have a look at our vaping equipment or Juicee-e-Juice pages, then come in and try the juice before you buy! We also sell all the relevant coils, airflows, and extrasfor all our advanced products, and we only sell the very best authentic genuine and latest Kangertech or Innokin coils, as well as a whole host of ecig accessories.If you need any help changing coils, just call in and we can change them for you in store.

Loyalty / Rewards Card:  Get a rewards card (In-store shoppers only), save £'s and make your money go further! A thank you from us...Receive 1 loyalty stamp for every £10 spent with us in our shop. Rewards cards can be redeemed when full (10 stamps). Each full card redeems 2 free 10ml bottles of e liquid.

Quality / Safety /Certification:

All our electronic cigarette and vaping hardware is riqorously tested and only sourced directly from fully TPD compliant, CE, ROHS certified manufacturers.   All of our electronic cigarettes come with this seal of approval, it is usually marked on the products or packaging, you can be confident you are getting the genuine article.  As explained above, all the batteries are guaranteed and every product we sell has full liability insurance giving you piece of mind. This is particularly important because if the products are cheap imitations and not authentic, manufactured to these strict certifications, not only do you get an inferior product, but also the product could be dangerous, particularly with batteries, plugs and chargers. All our equipment is fully compliant to all UK and EU TPD legislation.  

We are authorised retailers for many the worlds best vaping brands such as  Aspire, Joyetech, Smok, TECC, E Leaf and Innokin.  All equipment comes with the relevant scratch authenticity strips where applicable, so you can buy with 100% confidence that your getting the real deal, important in a world full of copies!

  • Our range of Juicee-e-Juice e-liquids are all fully TPD complient and are lovingly  made in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Here we create many of our own exclusive flavours, all diacetyl free and rigorously batch tested.  
  • Our base liquid comprises of Pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerine sourced in the UK, Fully traceable down to the person who bottled it!
  • Our Nicotine again is Pharmaceutical grade sourced in the EU and is also fully traceable down to the person who bottled it.
  • We dont believe in adding water to our liquid, whether distilled or not, the ingredients above are the only ingredients we use to create each one of our little bottles! And we are proud to be able to trace each ingredient. Our retail PG/VG mix is normally 60/40% approx.
  • All the team in store and In our clean room have fun testing each new flavour before we sell it to you, the customer! And if it doesnt pass the yummy test by the staff, we dont sell it, simple!
  • We are proud to say our Liquid is tested by West Yorkshire Analytical Services who work on behalf of West Yorkshire Joint Services in conjunction with Trading Standards.
  • We believe it's imperitive to follow these strict production safety measures, not only to make sure the flavours are always stable and delicious, but also for safety, the cheap imported e-liquids that cannot provide these quality assurances while not using pharma grade ingredients may not be consistant and at worst could be potentially harmful or contain dangerous ingredients.
  • You can buy our delicious Juicee-e-Juice e-liquids and vaping equipment in our shop with 100% confidence.  We welcome you to come and visit us!